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3 Tips For Saving Money When Finding a New Home

Updated: Jul 23

Moving is a stressful time in your life, in part because of the expenses you take on during the process. Especially if you are moving to or within the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the moment because housing costs are at record highs.

It may ease your anxiety, and the burden on your wallet, to keep in mind some of these tips for saving money during a move.

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1.) Stay Informed About The Housing Market

As a new or prospective homeowner in the Dallas/Fort Worth area you should stay informed about the housing market.

It’s a complex industry to follow and there’s no need for you to be an expert by any means. But staying up to date with the market can help you better understand your financial situation in regards to finding a new home or selling your current one.

This past year and a half in particular has sent ripples throughout various industries, altering the markets they exist in. Currently, building a home anywhere in the United States is getting increasingly expensive as the cost of materials like lumber and concrete have skyrocketed.

Bloomberg spoke with Tradewinds General Contracting Inc., located in Boise, Idaho, about the surging costs of construction. As an example they broke down the costs of their Baybrook model in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic 2019. The builder’s selling price, excluding the lot, was $746,671 which is up 58% from 2019 when it was $471,500.

When taking a closer look at the reasons behind this, it’s clear that the prices of all the essential materials have shot up exponentially. Lumber is the resource that has experienced the greatest increase in cost, having gone up 262%. Paint, trim materias, cabinets, and appliances have all gone up more that 60%. And foundation and trusses have gone up 104% and 146% respectively.

All of these material cost increases end up being placed on the buyer as the cost for them has gone up 61% as a result.

If you're looking to buy a home that’s already built, you should still expect to pay more. On average in the United States homes were 14.6% more expensive this year than they were at the same time back in 2020. In Dallas the increase is above the national average at a 15.9% increase over a 1-year period.

With the staggering increase in housing costs across the country, and especially in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, it’s more important than ever to save money where you can. By planning and using the best professional moving services to help with your move you can avoid the costs that tend to pile up.

2.) Hire The Best Moving Company

Your first thought may be that it is counterintuitive to pay for movers to save money. While that’s an understandable assumption that many have, it’s not accurate.

There are several factors at play when considering the most affordable moving services and what role they can play in your move.

First of all, having experts be the ones to package and move your belongings is a great way to avoid broken or damaged items and property. When you trust professionals with years of experience in how to safely transport a wide range of items, you can avoid having to add to your expenses the costs of damages that occur when you attempt to move it yourself.

Something else to keep in mind is that not all moving services are created equal. Bad moving companies will do shoddy work and chew up time which is billable to them. Even when unintentional, their lack of experience can slow down your move and increase your bill.

The best full service movers will be thorough in their preparations. When they conduct walkthroughs they can make a detailed inventory of what needs to be moved, giving you an accurate estimate, and ensuring they can be prepared on moving day with the necessary crew and equipment.

It’s important when looking for the best professional moving services, to do your research first. Check reviews, across multiple platforms, to get a clear picture of the quality of service they provide. And don’t be afraid to create an open line of communication between you and your movers to reassure any worries you have regarding specialty items. This will help you feel safer and help the movers understand what they are moving.

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3.) Plan Ahead And Do Some Things Yourself

There are several additional things you can do to ease the financial burdens that moving includes.

For starters, getting all your belongings organized and ready for movers to pack is a great way to save time, which effectively reduces your costs as many companies charge per hour. But if you want to deal with it, you can hire movers for the labor only. A great moving company will tailor their services to your needs.

Planning ahead by making sure the new place is set-up with phone, cable, and internet services without overlapping with services at your old place is a great way to avoid double paying for the same services.

Anything that saves you time on the day of the move will not only help you stay sane, but will lower your overall moving costs. With the best residential moving services, you’ll be moved efficiently all while maintaining quality meaning more savings for you in the end.

Save Money By Using Professional Moving Services

Whether you were always planning on moving around this time or not, it’s much more expensive than it was before the pandemic.

While you may not be able to lower the costs of housing, you certainly have control over the cost of your moving services. The best moving services won’t draw out the job and needlessly rack up the bill and will expertly pack and transport your belongings, ensuring you won’t have to take on any costs of damages.

If you want to make your upcoming move easier on yourself, and more affordable, then you should consider hiring the best moving company in your area to help the big day go by with ease.

A#1 Movers Can Make Your Move Efficient and Cost-Effective!

Here at A#1 Movers, we deliver the best possible service to give you a stress-free move. Our expert moving crews can help you with your residential and commercial moving; handle your specialty items with care, or get you through that long-distance move. Give us a call at (469) 321-0399, or contact us to get an in-house estimate set up today!

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