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Are You Prepared for your Residential Move During the Winter?

Updated: Jul 1

As winter approaches next month, you may be planning a move. Residential moving during colder temperatures isn't uncommon and may be needed due to your situation. Most states in the US experience snow and/or freezing temperatures.

  1. Check the Weather during your Moving Dates

  2. Save Energy by Turning the Heat Down

  3. How to Pack Fragile Items

  4. Stay Warm by Keeping Blankets and Gloves

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Check the Weather during your Moving Dates

Weather and temperatures can be unpredictable depending on where you live. We advise that you continually check the weather to ensure that roads and movers are able to come to your location. If the weather happens to call for heavy snows or icy roads the day of your move, you may want to reschedule the move altogether.

Save Energy by Turning the Heat Down

With plenty of traffic in your household during the move, turning the heat on will be a waste of money on your electrical bill. On the day of your move, be sure to heat your bathroom inside or areas with low traffic with the door closed. This will allow you and your movers to use the restroom or other areas with warmth during breaks.

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How to Pack Fragile Items

We understand certain items may be fragile during the cold weather. Here at A#1 Movers, we will be able to double pack and take care of your specialty items. Let us know which items need special care, and we can ensure they are not left out overnight or in the truck for a long period of time during the cold weather.

Stay Warm by Keeping Blankets and Gloves

Keep your winter wear with you! Whether you have snow boots, gloves, scarves, sweaters and coats, we advise you keep them with you. Although you won't be doing any moving, being outside or in a cold house can leave you freezing if you aren't layered up! Stay warm and make your favorite apple cider or hot chocolate to reward yourself.

Trust A#1 Movers to provide full-moving services no matter how cold the weather. Of course, check the temperature and weather conditions ahead of time, pack warm items such as blankets and gloves, be aware of any fragile items you may have, and lastly, be sure to check your thermostat so you aren't causing your next electric bill to go up higher than usual.

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