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How Do Movers Keep Your Belongings Safe and Clean?

Updated: Jul 1

The global pandemic may have you questioning how safe it is to move whether it be local or long-distance. If you are a “clean-freak” or simply cautious about the current coronavirus, worry not. In all actuality, preventing the spread of viruses, germs, or even dust can be accomplished in a matter of seconds with a professional moving company such as A#1 Movers.

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According to the CDC, the spread of COVID-19 most likely occurs through respiratory droplets or even close contact with others.These droplets can remain on surfaces for hours or even days. Cleaning with your household cleaners or a simple wipe down won’t cut it.

Disinfecting is the solution when it comes to killing these germs and viruses on the surface. If you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, you’ll want to follow these three simple steps:

  • Proper Cleaning Solutions

  • Focus on High Traffic Areas

  • Sanitizer Available

Proper Cleaning Solutions

Having the appropriate cleaning solutions are essential. When shopping for cleaning supplies, look out for “EPA Registered” disinfectants. Popular brands we recommend include: Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner, and even Pine-Sol.

Focus on High Traffic Areas

Now that you have the proper cleaning materials and supplies, you are ready to use them in your current home before moving. High traffic areas include light switches, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, refrigerator handle, toilet seats, and touch screens. Disinfecting these areas will keep your home safe and virus-free.

Sanitizer Available

Washing your hands with soap and water is recommended. However, it's a good idea to provide sanitizer in addition to hand washing. Simply place hand sanitizer in the entryway of your home and any other areas that may be appropriate. This will keep your family and potential guests and movers safe.

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A#1 Movers and COVID-19 Precautions

Here at A#1 Movers, we ensure all of our movers have washed their hands and use hand sanitizer before, during, and after a move. In addition, we wipe down furniture and other appliances as soon as they come off the truck to the new location. Lastly, we spray the appropriate areas and surfaces with disinfectant solution. Contact A#1 Movers for any questions or inquiries you may have regarding COVID-19 and providing a safe move for your family.

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