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How To Cope With Moving Anxiety

More often than not, people discuss or write about the stresses of moving as if they only revolve around the logistical nightmare of relocating an entire household.

By no means are we saying that isn’t a lot to deal with. It’s an exceptionally difficult job to carry out, that's why people hire professional moving services, because the actual heavy lifting and relocating can be too much stress and work to handle alone.

But what we often neglect to shine a light on is the emotional and psychological impact of moving. Below we will break down what can make moving so hard to handle mentally, as well as how you can cope with the difficulties it presents.

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Why Is Moving A Source Of Anxiety

Everyone is different so we will speak about people in a general sense. While individuals may vary in their levels of anxiety as they relate to moving, we can see on a broad scale that moving and change is often an intense source of stress for humans in general.

Moving, like many major life changes, can be a relative uncertainty. This shift from a comfortable and consistent present being turned upside down and pushed toward an unknown future can be scary. The metaphorical rug is pulled out from under you and you’re left with questions where you once had none.

This uncertainty can be the root of moving related fears. Whether the fear is work, social, or love related, the worst case scenarios for all seem to pop-up.

In many ways the anxiety associated with moving can be looked at like a rollercoaster. More often than not, the scariest part isn’t the ride, but the waiting. As we wait for change to occur, our mind can run wild, but when the ride actually starts, reality sets in and you are quickly reminded of the fun.

How To Recognize Pre-Move Jitters

It may sound obvious to say, “if you're anxious and planning a move, your anxiety is either rooted in or escalated by the stress of that move.” but sometimes the obvious things need to be said.

The tricky thing about anxiety is that it can blind you. While on the outside looking in it’s plain and clear that A leads to B, a stressful event leads to stress, it can be hazy when trying to see that through a cloud of anxiety.

Our minds can be sneaky, saying that B isn’t because of A, in fact it’s because of C through Z, that the anxiety you have isn’t because you’re in the middle of a stressful life event, but rather, you must be anxious because you will fail at whatever you’re moving for.

Did we mention that anxiety is also a compulsive liar? Well it is. The negative things our mind can try to tell us about ourselves in the face of stress is pretty absurd. So, it’s important to take a step back and recognize the stressful challenges you are facing and how they are impacting you.

Recognizing the anxieties you face surrounding moving, and why they are there, is the first step in being able to cope with it.

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How To Alleviate Your Stress

There are many things you can do to calm your mind and body and bring yourself back down to a healthy mindspace.

For one, get some rest. It’s an obvious one, but like we said earlier, sometimes the obvious things need to be said. Running on a lack of sleep can only increase your stress levels and make your days more difficult to tackle. Your body and mind need those full 8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy.

Also take time for yourself and for the move. If you know you need some buffer time to handle the move, take some time off of work if possible to pack, move, and unpack. Give yourself the breathing room to get it done without having to worry about time.

This also goes for yourself. Try to take time to relax when you can. Take a bath, watch a movie, go on a walk. Whatever it is you do that brings you comfort and puts your mind at ease, make time for it.

Also it’s important to be aware of yourself. Similar to the section above, being self aware can help you to gain some much needed perspective. In an article for Inc. Scott Mautz explores the science that explains the very human fear of change, and how to alleviate that fear through understanding it.

Mautz describes what he calls the “4Cs of Change” and how understanding them can help to “de-escalate” your fear. The 4Cs are: Career, Competence, Case, and Core. In short, our fear of change is the greatest limiting factor on our career potential, our fear of not being competent enough to handle the change holds us back, not having clarity on why the change is necessary can make matters harder to handle, and not recognizing yourself as an unchanging variable makes everything feel hard to keep a hold onto.

Moving is an extremely manageable process when you have the right tools at your disposal. From moving services to help with the heavy lifting, to self-awareness to help with anxieties, they all have their part in making your move easy to handle.

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