• Juan Rodriguez

Affordable Moving Services Will Have These 3 Things

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Rather than the stress and exhaustion associated with moving thousands of pounds of all you’ve gathered in your life, you’d prefer to focus on the joys of setting up your new home. And so you want to find a professional company, but not pay too much.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the best moving services can also be the most affordable because they do their job more efficiently. In other words, because they go about the work in an organized manner, a higher hourly rate can result in a lower overall cost.

For that reason, you should focus on finding a professional residential mover. To do so, be on the lookout for these three primary indicators.

loading moving truck

  1. A Walkthrough to Get an Accurate Estimate

You can't get an accurate estimate of moving services without a proper in-depth walkthrough. Moving companies typically work by the hour and when they go in unaware of the specifics, the move can drag on and rack up your bill.

The job of residential and commercial movers is to take the stress off you, not pile more on by having an uncertain cost. The movers should insist on completing a walkthrough of your home and getting an accurate quote. This step is essential for ensuring there are no surprises to deal with during and after your move.

A walkthrough also ensures that any items requiring special attention are prepared for. Without the adequate equipment and staff ready, charges can be added last minute to accommodate for their mistake.

  1. Reviews That Highlight a Team You Can Trust

On your moving day, the only thing you should be worrying about is how you want to decorate and getting some much needed rest. Being able to trust the movers with your expensive and valuable possessions is of the utmost importance. Nothing would be worse than getting everything moved in only to find things broken or gone.

An inexperienced team can leave behind a trail of property damage in their wake, leaving you with an extra and easily avoidable bill.

Make sure to research moving companies and read reviews to find the team you can trust to handle your big move. When doing your research, utilize multiple platforms for looking at reviews to ensure you are getting a diverse and comprehensive look into the company. Reading into other customers' experiences can help give you insight into the performance and quality of the company so that you can relax while the heavy lifting is done.

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  1. Moving Specialty Items With Special Care

Moving antiques, wine collections, and other delicate items can be a very different process than moving a standard truck full of boxes. Checking with your moving team ahead of time, like during an in-home estimate, is a great way to make sure both you and your moving team are prepared for moving day.

Knowing in advance what belongings need special care, and what tools and labor are necessary to move them properly, means knowing what to expect your bill to be on your moving day. The resources needed will have been noted by the moving company during the walkthrough. This level of preparation ensures the move is done in a timely fashion and prevents the need to adjust on the spot, which can chew up time and inflate your bill.

When a company is transparent about their specialty move costs you are able to find the most affordable service among competitors.

Take the Stress Out of Moving

Moving is a big deal. All the stress associated with ambiguous pricing and your most valuable possessions can be alleviated by hiring a professional moving company. By partnering with the best moving company, you can turn one of the most stressful life events into a transparent and affordable experience. Remember to keep an eye out during your search for these three things:

  • An in-depth walkthrough for an accurate estimate

  • Reviews that reveal a high-quality of service and care

  • Ability and experience to handle specialty items