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3 Office Moving Tips For Business Owners

Updated: Jul 1

Whether you have a big office space or a small one, there is a lot of strategic planning involved. If you are looking for a smoother transition, we are here to provide our top 3 office moving tips that will keep your next office move on time without going over your budget.

  • Always Plan The Move Ahead of Time

  • Test All Cables With IT

  • Hire A Reliable Moving Company

Plan Ahead of Time

We recommend that you plan your move as soon as you can. This is typically up to 6 months or even more in advance. Organizing everything out will give you plenty of time to discuss inventory of all items, additional appliances, IT installations, printed material changes, office plants, and more.

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Test Cables With IT

According to Chipman, “Make sure all data cabling is installed and tested before the IT team arrives to set up the network and other equipment. Inquire with your move company or move manager if you need assistance with IT disconnect and reconnect services. If you’re moving existing IT equipment, make sure it’s unloaded first, so the IT team can immediately get to work setting up the network, phones, etc.”

Hire A Reliable Moving Company

A reliable moving company such as A #1 Movers will offer free quotes, fair pricing, and even discounts from time to time. Ask your moving company about a free quote or a free estimate. Whether you feel comfortable giving your phone number out to a moving company, should determine how much you trust them before even contacting them.

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